How COCARD is Empowering Communities through Local Businesses

Before discussing the effect that COVID-19 has had on businesses, it’s important to acknowledge the human toll that it has taken across the nation. It’s clear that our communities have to come together to heal and rebuild, and the entire COCARD team is doing everything in its power to help.

Now that so many businesses have had to slash or suspend their operations to keep their communities safe, it has become difficult for many to stay afloat. The link between business practices and public safety has never been more apparent, and the resulting push to minimize personal contact has massive implications for both the physical layout of businesses and customer expectations about the payment options that should be available.

From the normalization of plexi POS (point of sale) stations and touchless checkout options to keeping a robust online ordering system in place, it has never been more important to stay versatile. By connecting local businesses to the resources they need, the COCARD team is helping our members support their employees and customers – while keeping them safe and healthy.

COCARD is Here to Help

We know that many of the businesses in our community have suffered during the pandemic, and you can rest assured that the entire COCARD team has been finding new ways to ease the burden that these businesses are facing. This is all part of our goal to connect you with the services and equipment you need to keep your business, employees, and customers healthy – during and long after the pandemic.

For instance, we’ve partnered with Lendio, one of the largest small business loan marketplaces, to help all of our members (and their customers) navigate the SBA and PPP loan options that are available. This is a great program that has helped plenty of our members and their customers receive record numbers of approvals and funding – all before most banks even allowed paperwork to be submitted. We hope that this will provide the funds you need to maintain your business during the difficult transition that we’re all going through.

Recognizing the need for businesses to give customers contact-free service, the COCARD team also immediately partnered with companies that offer protective equipment for restaurant and retail businesses. This let us provide essential equipment – such as plexi POS station stands, touchless POS units, and more – so our members could continue operating their businesses while keeping their workforce and customers safe.

We also offer online ordering options for restaurants and retail. Seeing that stay-at-home and work-from-home orders have only fueled an existing trend toward online transactions, we made sure to give our members the versatility they need to keep up sales even when customers aren’t able to visit brick-and-mortar shops.

It’s clear to the COCARD team that the wellbeing of our community rests on workers at the frontline of the COVID-19 response and the small businesses that make up the backbone of our local economy. We’re proud to support you, and we’re grateful that you’ve chosen COCARD. We’re all in this together – and we’re all going to come back stronger than ever.